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Wave2000® Examples

In order to give you a better idea of the power and versatility of CyberLogic's ultrasound simulation software packages, we have included here several sample ultrasonic problems and their solutions using Wave2000®. These examples will give you a better idea of how Wave2000® can be used in your own application(s). Example 4 also shows some of Wave2000®'s specific model set-up windows, illustrating how easy the graphical user interface makes it to define a particular simulation model. Example 5 shows the use of phased arrays and infinite (absorbing) boundary conditions. In addition you can download the program, and obtain a free time limited license for program evaluation by registering with us and logging in. Please Contact Us if you have any questions or to discuss how you and/or your company would benefit from using Wave2000®.

Example 1: Layered media measurements using pulse-echo ultrasound.

Example 2: Porosity effects and material characterization.

Example 3: Flaw Detection (scattering from a crack).

Example 4: Pipe cross-section and the program's model definition windows.

Example 5: Focussed (phased array) source transducer and infinite boundary conditions (this one gives a good view of some of the array phasing capabilities of the software).

Example 6: Refraction and mode conversion studies.

Example 7 : Ultrasound detecting a crack in an oil pipeline.

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