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Wave2000 Example #6:

Reflection, refraction and mode conversion studies.

This is an example designed to illustrate how Wave2000 simulates reflection and refraction of an ultrasonic wave impinging on a boundary at an oblique angle.

Here, a Gaussian modulated 1 MHz sine wave is generated by a 2 cm source transducer located on the left edge of the object. The material on the left side of the boundary (oriented at 30 degrees from the vertical) is polystyrene; the material on the right side of the boundary is steel. In Wave2000, only the boundaries between materials are shown during an ultrasound simulation, in order that the propagating wave can be visualized.

As may be seen, both longitudinal and shear waves are reflected and transmitted at the boundary between the two materials. The distinct angles of propagation for the two modes are apparent from the simulation. If desired, one or more receivers could be defined at arbitrary positions (even within the object) to quantitatively measure the reflected/refracted ultrasound signals. You can define both longitudinal and shear transducers in Wave2000 (i.e., a single transducer can operate as both a longitudinal and shear source and/or receiver simultaneously). In fact, any number of sources and receivers can be defined within the same simulation!

These examples display only a small portion of the full features of Wave2000. You can find out more by reading About Wave2000 or by downloading a full-featured evaluation copy by registering with us and logging in. Information on pricing is also available. Please Contact Us to discuss your intended application(s) or for any other additional information on Wave2000 you would like to have.

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