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For ultrasound simulation, CyberLogic® is currently offering for sale five (5) software packages: Wave2000®, Wave2000® Plus , Wave2500™, Wave3000™ and Wave3000™ Plus. Wave3000™ Plus is CyberLogic's most powerful software package to date; it is a true 3D ultrasound simulation tool that allows for orthotropic and piezoelectric materials, and comes in a 64 bit version (for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 x64). Wave2500™ is our 3D-axisymmetric ultrasound software package, while Wave2000® is our current upgrade of our original 2D software package, first released in 1998. Our new package is Wave2000® Plus; it is a 2D version that allows for orthotropic and piezoelectric materials. To obtain pricing on any of our ultrasound simulation software, please Contact Us. A number of pricing plans are available, including single and multiple (e.g., site) seat licenses, as well as academic and educational discounts. The licenses are normally offered for a period of a year, although up to three years can be pre-paid. Discounts are offered for combination purchases. Please Contact Us for more information. Once you have obtained pricing information you can download our Order Form, and fax (or scan and email) it back to us.

Wave3000™, Wave3000™ Plus, Wave2000®, Wave2000® Plus and Wave2500™ are each offered with a web-based licensing scheme, that simplifies and makes most efficient the entire process of purchasing the software and getting up and running as quickly as possible. You can also download any of the programs and obtain a time-limited license via the web to evaluate them. To do that, please register with us. A license may be purchased and is typically renewable yearly and can run on any verson of Microsoft Windows XP or higher. Please note however, that Wave3000™ Plus, Wave3000™, Wave2000®, Wave2000® Plus and Wave2500™ require that an Ethernet or network interface card (NIC) be installed on your computer (for both free evaluation and purchased licenses) in order for each program to run.

Please feel free to Contact Us to obtain a price quote or to place an order for Wave3000™, Wave3000™ Plus, Wave2000®, Wave2000® Plus and/or Wave2500™, and start finding solutions to your ultrasound and visco-elastic wave propagation problems today.

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