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Wave3000™ / Wave3000Plus

Software for 3D Ultrasound Simulation

Wave3000™ / Wave3000Plus, is a stand-alone computer software package that generates solutions to practically any 3D ultrasonic (visco-elastic wave propagation) problem, simulating received waveforms under a variety of spatial and temporal acoustic interrogations. Wave3000™ / Wave3000Plus allows the user to explore any number of experimental configurations, to determine "optimal" transducer arrangements, and to examine sensitivities of measurements to numerous variables of interest. To find out more, please review the basic applications and features shown below, read more about the software in About Wave3000 and look at several examples in Wave3000 Examples. In addition you can download the program, and obtain a free time limited license for full program evaluation and obtain commercial or academic licenses as well, by registering with us and logging in. Information on pricing is also available. Please Contact Us to discuss your intended application(s), for any other additional information you would like, or to order your copy of Wave3000 / Wave3000Plus today.


  • Non-destructive testing and materials evaluation
  • Ultrasound imaging and biomedical tissue characterization
  • Transducer design studies. Please see our Transducer Modeling Tutorials.
  • Geophysics
  • Theoretical and applied research
  • Academic/Educational


  • Full time domain solution to the 3D visco-elastic wave equation (see the Wave2500 page for our 3D-axisymmetric ultrasound simulation software and the Wave2000 page for our full 2D ultrasound simulation software).
  • Import a 3D object of any shape from an STL file (Wave3000 Plus only), which can be created by a variety of CAD programs.
  • Includes modeling of the piezoelectric aspects of a problem (Plus verion only).
  • Includes modeling for orthotropic materials (Plus version only).
  • Allows for sources having prescribed time-dependent displacement or pressure input signals.
  • Arbitrary (voxel by voxel) material object description
  • Models longitudinal and shear propagation in solids and liquids, including mode conversions, as well as the coupled piezo-electric waves (Plus version only).
  • Accounts for frequency dependent attenuation (viscous losses)
  • Allows for a variety of source and receiver transducer configurations, as well as arbitrary boundary conditions
  • Allows receiver measurements of displacement, pressure, velocity and acceleration.
  • Allows transmitter and receiver arrays to be defined.
  • Infinite (absorbing) boundary conditions, allowing the simulation of "infinite media."
  • Wave simulation "playback" including "single stepping" through simulation.
  • Extensive material libraries, including a wide range of solids, liquids and gases.
  • Large selection of transducer apodizations, including Hamming, Hanning and Gaussian weighting functions (among others).
  • Batch processing (making "unattended simulations" possible).
  • Automatic multiprocessor capability can almost linearly speed up simulation.
  • "Data Export" facility, making saving of simulation measurements even easier.
  • Ability to define sources with "void" backings, making it easier to simulate sources located within an object.
  • Option to select a higher order numerical algorithm allowing for fewer grid elements.
  • Ability to associate an arbitrary user-defined waveform for each source.
  • "Point-source" option (displacement only).
  • 64 bit support for PC's running Windows x64.

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