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Welcome! Click on any of these links to download the Wave2000, Wave2500, and/or Wave3000 (both the 32-bit and 64-bit) installation files, as well as the tutorial model files. You might want to check our product comparison page to compare program features and capabilities.

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Important Note: Our programs require administrator privileges to install and to run. If you are unable to install and/or run, or if any of our programs display the message "You need administrator privileges to run the program", please make sure you login as an administrator and you must run the software as administrator as well. (These two aspects are not always the same, particularly in Windows 7/8.) To login as an administrator, contact your system manager. To run the software as administrator in Windows 7/8, right click on the program shortcut, e.g., Wave2000, click Compatibility tab, then check the checkbox: Run this program as an administrator, and click Apply.

To install, run the program(s) you downloaded on your PC. Please read the following before doing so:
During installation of the software, you will be asked for a serial number. For a free evaluation license, use the serial number(s) according to the following Table (you may want to print out this page for reference). The User Key(s) in the Table will be needed once the program has been installed on your PC to activate the license.

If your PC has any virtual NICs (MAC addresses) created by software, it is recommended to disable them all BEFORE you install the license for our simulation software. You can enable them after installing the license for the simulation software. Contact your system administrator about how to temporarily disable a virtual NIC. (Note that if you are having trouble installing and using our software, you may want to check to see if there is a virtual NIC on your PC; if so, disable it and reinstall.)

Serial number
User Key
Wave2000/Wave2000 Plus
Wave3000/Wave3000 Plus

You may obtain either a 7-day or 3-day evaluation license. For a 7-day evaluation license, it is necessary to register (free and easy!) For the 3-day, the following guest User ID and Password info will be needed to activate the license. Please note that an evaluation license is for short-term evaluation purposes only. Repeatedly installing an evaluation license is prohibited.

Guest member info:

User ID
Password guest

Privacy/Security Note: The setup files posted here DO NOT include spywares/malwares of any kind. The setup files come with an uninstallation feature that allows user to remove all components and settings installed by the setup files. Data and settings created by user can be removed manually. A computer specific license file obtained from CyberLogic, Inc. license server can be removed manually too.

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