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Wave2500® Examples

In order to give you a better idea of the power and versatility of CyberLogic's ultrasound simulation software packages, we have included here a few sample ultrasonic problems and their solutions using Wave2500. These examples will give you a better idea of how Wave2500 can be used in your own application(s). You should also view the Wave2000 Examples, as the two programs share many of the same features, particularly the GUI. Indeed, users of either program will quickly be able to master the use of the other one. Please note that you can download the full featured program and obtain a free time limited license for evaluation by registering with us and logging in. Also, please Contact Us if you have any questions or to discuss how you and/or your company would benefit from using Wave2500.

Example 1: Cladded rod.

Example 2: Annular Source and Receiver.

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