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Wave2500 Example #2:

Annular Source and Receiver.

This is an example designed to illustrate how easy it is to define and use annular sources and receivers in a Wave2500 simulation.

Here, a Gaussian modulated 1 MHz sine wave is generated by a 5 mm wide "ring" source transducer located on the top of a cylinder of water. The following figure displays a "movie" of the ultrasound wave as it propagates through the water. Note that a number of separate rings could be defined and each given a prescribed delay for focussing. Not shown are the measurements of an annular ring transducer located within the cylinder. Receiver "rings" could also be phased for focussing.

These examples display only a small portion of the full features of Wave2500. You can find out more by reading About Wave2500 or by downloading a full-featured evaluation copy by registering with us and logging in. Information on pricing is also available. Please Contact Us to discuss your intended application(s) or for any other additional information on Wave2500 you would like to have.

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