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Model UPG300 Palm-Size 300-volt Ultrasound Pulser

The CyberLogic® Model UPG300 300-volt ultrasound pulser is designed especially for portable, battery-powered, and/or low-cost applications.The pulser delivers a 300 volt negative pulse, whose pulse width can be varied, along with the repetition rate. The UPG300 also outputs a 3.3 V sync pulse that can be used for scope triggering and timing measurements.


Used with a portable digital oscilloscope, the UPG300 can be the basis of a portable ultrasonic measurement system for on-site determination of material quality or properties. The acoustic transfer function, time of flight, attenuation and other acoustic properties can be determined using a laptop computer, a digital scope, and the UPG300.


  • 300 volt negative pulse output (BNC connector)
  • Pulse-width from ~0.2 to ~2.8 μs
  • Pulse repetition rate ~0.55 to ~2 kHz
  • 3.3 volt sync out pulse (BNC connector)
  • 3.7 to 5 volt DC input with a 2.1 mm ID x 5.5 mm OD jack connector
  • DC power plug 2.1 mm ID x 5.5 mm OD and battery holder included (3-AA batteries required)


A pair of Panametrics V303 (1 MHz, 0.5 inch diameter) ultrasound transducers in a through-configuration arrangement, with the emitting transducer powered by the UPG300 pulser. Propagation was through water at a separation distance of about 1 inch. The received signal was sampled at 100 MHz and digitized with a 14-bit A/D with no amplification. As may be seen in the image below, the peak-to-peak voltage is about 4.4 volts. The pulse width of the -300 volt excitation pulse was about 0.6 μs.


Please feel free to Contact Us to obtain a price quote or to place an order for the UPG300.

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