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Who We Are

In particular, CyberLogic has developed and obtained FDA approval for a novel bone sonometer, the UltraScan™ 650, that is the only ultrasound medical device that accurately and reproducibly measures bone mineral density (BMD), without the ionizing radiation of DXA. CyberLogic has also developed and markets ultrasound simulation software (Wave2000, Wave25000, and Wave3000) that is used worldwide in non-destructive testing, imaging, and transducer design, among other applications. CyberLogic is presently engaged in further development of ultrasonic bone assessment technology. CyberLogic provides research and development in the fields of biomedical and electrical engineering, including the fields of ultrasonics, biomechanics, orthopaedics, electromagnetics, system identification, signal processing, stochastic systems and computational methods. The backgrounds of the people associated with CyberLogic are primarily in electrical engineering but there are strong ties to both biomedical and mechanical engineering as well. Previous work concerned the investigation of biophysical stimulation of biological systems, including both electromagnetic and ultrasonic stimulation, while the focus presently is in ultrasonic assessment of bone for osteoporosis management and ultrasound simulation software. Other areas of development include, among others, inverse scattering and three-dimensional display system technologies. A list of publications and U.S. Patents to which one or more of CyberLogic's associates has been involved with, or Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Grants previously awarded to CyberLogic, may be found in our Bibliography.

Our Mission: Our goal is to maintain the highest level of technological excellence in an "academic style" setting. Although this approach does not necessarily lead to the "fattest" bottom line, it is in tune with the founders' and ongoing company philosophy. Our fundamental mission is to provide ethical service and products of the highest quality, all in a rigorous engineering and scientific setting.

Services and Products: CyberLogic is always looking to expand its current customer base. As noted, CyberLogic has expertise and activity in a wide range of areas in engineering. After viewing the publication and patent lists, we would be happy to discuss with potential clients our availability for consulting and research and development projects. Additional information on our current work can be found at R & D Activities, Ultrasound Bone Assessment Equipment and Ultrasound Simulation Software.

In summary, we at CyberLogic are committed to using technological and engineering expertise to bring fundamental improvements and added value to as wide a range as possible of application areas, and at the same time offering to all our clients and customers the highest levels of quality and service.


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