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UltraScan™ 650 ‒‒ The only replacement of DXA for measuring BMD

UltraScan™ 650 Forearm Scanner

The only FDA-approved bone sonometer to measure BMD

The UltraScan™ 650 is the first and only FDA-approved bone sonometer that measures bone mineral density (BMD), the most important factor in determining the risk of osteoporotic fracture. Conventional bone sonometers measure parameters like SOS and/or BUA. These parameters have poor correlation with BMD, usually less than 0.8, and thus these devices perform poorly in terms of identifying those individuals with osteoporosis. By contrast, the UltraScan™ 650 uses novel patented net time delay (NTD) technology which allows measurement of the quantity of bone, which in turn provides a direct evaluation of BMD. Clinical studies on the UltraScan™ 650 show that its output, BMDUS, is highly correlated (r = 0.931) with x-ray based (DXA) measures of BMD. DXA-BMD has‒‒until now that is‒‒been the “gold standard” for bone assessment. Now, with the availability of the UltraScan™ 650, BMD can be measured without the need for DXA, without the ionizing radiation of x-rays, at lower cost and in less time. Download a brochure on the UltraScan 650, and please Contact Us for more information or to place an order for an UltraScan™ 650.


1It should be noted that the correlation of forearm BMD values as determined by DXA machines from different manufacturers is usually in the range of 0.8 to 0.95.


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