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UltraScan™ 650 Forearm Scanner

News: CyberLogic® has received US FDA clearance to market the UltraScan™ 650.

The UltraScan 650 is an ultrasound device that is designed to non-invasively and quantitatively assess the amount of bone at the 1/3 location of the radius in the forearm of an individual. The UltraScan 650, with a user-supplied laptop, is designed for the estimation of bone mineral density (BMD in g/cm2) of the radius at the 1/3 location. The UltraScan 650 outputs a BMDUS Index an estimate of the BMD that would be measured by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) at the same anatomical location, that is, an estimate of BMDDXA, at the 1/3 radius. The UltraScan 650 also outputs the T-score in standard deviations (SD) and Z-score in SD as well. The precision of the measurement is 2.1%, when expressed as a coefficient of variation.





QRT® 250 Heel Scanner


The QRT® 250 Heel Scanner is an ultrasound based device designed to quantitatively assess the calcaneus at a largely trabecular portion of the bone. This site is similar to the site that has been measured with x-rays for years and has been shown to be an excellent proxy for fracture risk.The QRT® 250 makes each radiation-free measurement in about a second, with a reproducibility of 3.1 percent. The QRT® 250 Heel Scanner—with its extremely low cost and high precision—should allow for much wider diagnosis and detection of individuals at risk of osteoporotic fracture.





QRT® 250 Heel Scanner is an investigational device. Limited by US Federal law to investigational use.

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