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Wave3000 Example #1:

Defect in Rectangular Solid

The figures below show a rectangular block (a "cuboid") of plastic of dimension 10 mm (X) x 10 mm (Y) x 20 mm (Z). In the center of the plastic block is a void defect in the shape of a "pancake"; the defect is 2 mm in diameter and 1 mm thick. The axis of the pancake is along the z-axis of the block. The block is shown in the second figure "cut-in-half" to display the defect. A source tansmitter is placed on the entire face at z=o, and emits a broadband 1 MHz signal with a Gaussian envelope. The final figure shows in 3D rendered format the propagating wave as it encounters the defect. Note that the wavefront is square which reflects the fact that the source is effectively square itself since it covers the entire (square) face at z=0.

Note that in the 3D rendered view of the propagating wave only the defect (and source transducer) are shown in order to be able to visualize the wave itself.

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