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UltraScan™ 650 ‒‒ The only replacement of DXA for measuring BMD

UltraScan™ 650 bone sonometer offers you the following benefits:



Osteoporotic fracture risk assessment as discriminating as DXA. Provides a measurement of BMD as would be measured by DXA, with a correlation of 0.93 and a precision of 2%. A report identical to one produced by an x-ray (DXA) machine with BMD in grams/cm2, T- and z- scores makes the UltraScan™ 650 an ideal tool for clinically diagnosing and managing osteoporosis.



A quick and comfortable exam. BMD assessment takes just seconds‒‒10 to be exact. And all your patients must do is roll up their sleeve (foot not needed). It does not require any user interactions with data processing. Further, no messy gel, and no ionizing radiation.



UltraScan units are portable (less than 8 pounds), USB/battery-powered (no outlet needed!), and affordable, with a desktop footprint (10 x 15 inches) small enough for any office. The 10-second exam time allows for high patient throughput, no shielded room and no formal certification required for the operator. Results are concise and conveniently printed (or emailed) at the time of exam with an easily interpreted report.


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